Charleston Safari.

Yesterday, as mentioned in my last post, I went to Charleston with Hanna. Her house is basically like going on an African Safari. Her dad loves Africa and has hunted and brought back many exotic animals(not alive). Take a look. 

 I was a little upset at the zebra carcasses, but according to Hanna, "they're over populated and they're jerks!"
I took a few more shots of their home. There are crosses and Bible verses everywhere. 

 Farewell, Hanna's humble abode. 
Hello, Blessing Of The Fleet. 
There were shops of all sorts, as well as local seafood. 

 And some reptiles?

 And a hedgehog??
 The Piggly Wiggly man/pig and me
 Notice the fried alligator...

 Cooper River Bridge

 After the festival, Hanna and I headed back to Columbia. 
I had to attend a Kappa Sisterhood event at a local park. 

 Photo credit as well as grass crown credit goes to Chelsea Bennett. 
(Vintage jewelry; dress-Karlie; boots-Tommy Lama)
Photo credit is the same for the below pictures. 
 Lovely Kappa sisters!
Attempting to catch some minnows. 
I am not looking forward to the hectic week I have before me. I have an Econ test tomorrow (for which I should be studying instead of writing here) as well as an English paper due Friday. The English part might actually turn out to be fairly interesting. The class is simply titled "Fiction." It has been a fascinating semester. We have read novels verging on the science-fiction genre. But not the kind with aliens, robots, and UFO's. We have read: Frankenstein-Mary Shelley, Heart & Science-Wilkie Collins, The Island of Dr. Moreau-H.G. Wells, Measuring The World-Daniel Kehlmann, Ship Fever-Andrea Barrett and we are just finishing Love in Infant Monkeys-Lydia Millet. I am excited to write the paper, as I have come up with a lot of opinions over the last few months regarding the subject of science. But I come from a Christian perspective. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, but for now I must study for Econ. Or not...

In other news, my dream came true. Those Jeffrey Campbell boots I mentioned yesterday will be mine. They are sold out everywhere, though. So they ship May 3rd. I can wait for such fabulousness. 

But wait...I just got back from an amazing sermon at my church, Midtown. They record all their sermons, so if you want to hear it please check out the website later this week. It was absolutely heart-wrenching. The pastor spoke of God's wrath. And how if we believe, we have no wrath to bear. IT IS FINISHED. (That's the title of the series.)

"Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him."
John 3:36
With Jesus, we have LIFE. We cannot find it anywhere else. Look to Him for life and you will be satisfied. 

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