Significant Moments of 2014.

It took me a while to compose this. This has been an incredible year. It's been full of change and learning. It's hard to narrow down 365 days to a mere blog post, let alone select the significant moments worth sharing. Growing up is a scary thing and this year I think I did a lot of it. I've learned that life can get pretty hard. That things just don't always work out the way I want them to. I've also learned that life can be so much better than I thought, if I just trust in His plan for me.

This year I:

Kicked off 2014 by celebrating with wonderful friends in downtown Raleigh,

Worked as photo editor for Garnet & Black for two additional issues,

Traveled to New Orleans with my Midtown family whom I miss terribly,

Took thousands of portrait photos for my graduating friends, 

I graduated from the University of South Carolina,

And celebrated the end of a chapter with my amazing family,

I explored Charleston a little more, 

I made new, wonderful friends, such as Taylor while in the Holy City,

Adventured in Asheville and the NC mountains, 

Visited Nashville,

Spent a few hours with my wonderful friend Christina in Music City,

Went to Bonnaroo with my family for the second time,

Visited New York City (before moving there),

Soaked up OBX with family, 

Took a spontaneous road trip with Suzanne to Niagara Falls, 

And Toronto, 

I MOVED to New York City. One of the biggest steps in this dream chasing journey,

HUGE thanks to my family to driving all the way up here with my belongings. Y'all are the best.

Began working for Resound Magazine (one of the best decisions of my life),

Went to the New York countryside, 

I began an internship at an incredible company, Edelman,

And made countless new friends all over the place.

I made so many beautiful memories, met inspiring people, and learned a ton. I have no resolutions for the New Year other than to keep on doing the best to make the most of my life, love other people, and seek beauty constantly. 

Stay tuned for some changes to the blog in 2015. Happy New Year!


The Bronx Photoblog.

I went exploring in The Bronx last weekend. It was so nice to just go on an adventure with myself. I had been meaning to check out Edgar Allan Poe's house and finally had the opportunity. Unfortunately, the house is closed until the spring, but I at least had the chance to see it from the outside. I loved seeing this humble home of one of America's greatest and most tormented writers. He lived here only a brief time, at the end of his life from 1846 to 1849. It was also during his time in this cottage that his wife Virginia died. I can only imagine what his time here was like. The cottage used to have a scenic overlook of Long Island, but was moved to what would be designated as Poe Park in 1913. Read more about it here

I love New York because I can make little day trips like this. 

I also made a trip to Little Italy, The Bronx. Apparently, it is the real Little Italy. I saw markets, breathed in the air of pastries and cigars, and had a wonderful time. See the photos below. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Eve! 

All my love,