Below are pictures of yesterday's and todays outfits. In chronological order.

Taylor, Myself, and Ahn. My dress is Soprano, and the shoes are Vince Camuto. Picture taken by our art teacher Mr. Stephen Shingler.

The following pictures of me were taken by Taylor McDonald, and the pictures of her were taken by me. My shirt is Joy Joy, the skirt is Bailey 44, my shoes are Sam Edelman. All my jewelry is vintage.

Photoshop fun :) Credit to Taylor

I wanted to share a bible verse I read last night.

"I have appeared to you to appoint you as a servant and as a witness of what you have seen of me and what I will show you. I will rescue you from your own people and from the Gentiles. I am sending you to them to open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in me."
Acts 26:16-18

This verse struck me because it describes the role of Christians so simply. God speaks to some directly, so that they can spread the word so that others can have their own personal connections with the Lord. If God speaks to you, this is why. It is your responsibility to open the eyes of the "walking dead." (As Mrs. Karen Barnes, my Tuesday morning Bible study teacher, boldly described non-believers this week. Despite her young age, she is most likely one of the wisest women I have ever met, and she has an incredibly loving heart.) This verse encourages the reader to keep in mind our responsibilities. Open eyes and hearts so that they, too, can have true righteousness.


Shimmy into the Roaring Twenties

Last Saturday was my very last prom. Sad, I know. But it took a while to really hit me. This was the last dance with these people I have known since fourth grade (my school is K-12). We are all leaving each other. After May 29, every relationship is forever going to be changed. Adulthood is hitting me like a freight train.
The picture above is our dinner group before prom. It was twenties theme, probably my favorite decade. So I tried (or rather my hairstylist tried) to get some finger waves going in my thin, lifeless hair. I think it worked pretty well, my hair did not move the entire night.
Left to right: Mary Beth, Sarah Grace, Kevin, Caroline, WIll, Carolyn, Owen, Me, Nick, and Rachel.

So I recently became quite fascinated with shagging, and the picture above is of Rachel and Me practicing some shagging moves on the dance floor.

So all day Saturday I was with my best friend Rachel. We have basically known each other our whole lives, literally. Our moms passed in the hospital, she had just been born, and I was on the way. Her birthday is tomorrow (April 28) and mine is Friday (April 30). I am having trouble comprehending the fact that we are going to be eighteen. It's absolutely mind-blowing.
But anyways, we started the day going to a walk for Multiple Sclerosis, because my uncle was diagnosed recently. Then we got our hair and make up done. It was quite a busy day. But I always enjoy the time I spend with her, her relationship with God is unlike anyone else I know. I admire her patience and understanding, that could only come from the peace of God.
The picture above is of Rachel and Me right before dinner. My dress is BCBG.

Rachel, Me, Caroline, Sarah Grace, Mary Beth
I love my beautiful friends!!

From now on my best friend, Taylor, and I plan to take daily pictures of our outfits. This was taken Monday the 26th of April. My dress is Susana Monaco, the vest is Velvet, the belt is from Francesca's, and my shoes are Frye.

And today I went shopping at one of my favorite vintage stores downtown, Father and Son, and found this exquisite necklace. I'm so excited, and it was only ten dollars! Pictures of today's outfit will be posted tomorrow.


Senior Skip Day

Last Monday was Senior Skip Day, which was incredible. But before I describe that experience, I feel I must mention my crazy weekend. Friday I spent some quality time with my friends Kevin and Nick, and witnessed their poor attempts to ride my horse.

And here's me. I just really want to post this awesome picture of my horse (Heartthrob) and me at a horse show in Aiken, SC in March. He is such an amazing creature. I am so blessed to have this special bond with an animal. Even on the worst days, when I see that adorable face of his, I can't help but smile.

Most of the day Sunday I spent time at my good friend Mary Beth's house because she was hosting a jewelry show. She is incredibly talented, and not only is she a beautiful person inside and out, but she also makes some absolutely stunning earrings. Here's the link to her website...

And Sunday night was the Class of 2010's prank time. It was a blast, who knew getting back at your high school would be so much fun? Just a glimpse...

So about Senior Skip Day, (yes, I feel the need to make it a proper noun, thats just how epic it was) it began at about 6 AM that morning with me driving to Taylor's house and then taking my sister to school. Following that trip, we drove to Wilmington without the aid of a GPS. I was quite proud of Taylor and myself for reaching out destination the "old fashion way" even though we basically drove on 40 east the entire time. We visited the cutest boutique while we were there called Hallelu and they had bible verses on every tag. Its nice to know that there is still Christianity in the fashion industry.

The majority of the day was spent on the beach, the sunburn on my back and face can prove it. It was nice having the chance to relax and spend time with friends. It was definitely a well-spent Senior Skip Day. Below are some of my favorite pictures from the day, all taken by Taylor.

From left to right: Forrest catching some rays, me picking the music, and JT gazing out onto the ocean

Taylor and me

Group Shot!
Buck, JT, Me, Forrest, Taylor, Michael, Rachel, Swetha

Swetha and Carolyn after swimming in the freezing ocean! They are crazy!

Me and Rachel :)

Last weekend made me realize how wonderful my friends are, and how blessed I truly am to have them in my life.

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." James 1:17

P.S. As I was writing this, I was listening to Jeff Buckley on Grooveshark. He was so talented.


Jesus Loves Me

This was perhaps the most beautiful Easter break I have ever experienced. I don't get to go to the beach often, even though my grandparents are constantly begging us to come to their condo. Horse showing consumes a great amount of my free time, so this was a spectacular event. Normally the weather is warm, but not quite enough for tanning and bathing suits. But this year it was absolutely perfect. Below is a picture of the first boat outing group. Elizabeth, Rachel, me, and Caroline. My bathing suit is Tracy Feith for Target and I am wearing Ray Ban aviators.

Funny faces :P Me, Nick, Kevin, Rachel, and Taylor. My t-shirt is from Forever 21 and my sunglasses are Roxy. I have no idea how my hair looks so calm, this shot was taken following tubing behind the boat and being thrown into the water by the crazy turns.

Just a glimpse of the tubing chaos. Kevin and me, he was being a
daredevil, while I was holding on for dear life.
My sister and I doing the iCarly dance.
Yes, I know I am a little old for that show, but it's just so funny!
And I just love the hustle and bustle in the background of this photo,
a typical dinner at my grandparents condo.

Our Easter Sunday service was a different churchgoing experience. The chapel was absolutely beautiful, and now I am regretting my choice to not photograph. Huge windows framed the altar, and gorgeous green trees were in the background. I was particularly curious about a single stained glass window, among several other normal ones. My grandma must have noticed my staring at it, because it was of an anchor, not something I would expect for a stained glass window in a church even at the beach. She informed me that the window was donated in memory of a man. This man died in a car accident, and was the son of an incredible woman, who was a close friend of my other late grandmother. She makes the most incredible pound-cake I have ever tasted, and would always make one when I came to visit my grandmother. She is truly a wonderful person, and I wonder why she chose an anchor for the window. Maybe because even if we don't always believe it, God is our anchor. We may feel like the world's currents are taking control, but God is always there to anchor us to Him and His love.

The sermon was absolutely touching. It was given by a man for whom, in just a half hour, I acquired a great amount of admiration. He described the resurrection as not only the bringing back to life of Jesus, but all of us as well. I couldn't help but recall all of the times I have felt like Christ has brought me back to life. This was the first Easter that I have actually felt a glimpse of the sacrifice God made for me, and appreciated it. I guess this was the first Easter with me actually possessing a real relationship with God.I truly felt his love. A very successful and fulfilling Easter, I believe.