The highlight of my summer.

Early afternoon yesterday, I arrived in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. Every summer for two weeks I journey to this heavenly place for a horse show. There isn't much internet connection, so, unfortunately, my posts will be sparse. It isn't as cool here as normal, but it doesn't matter. I'm here. This place is it's own world. We are unaware of the pain, the destruction taking place outside. Here everyone can relax, and, for that reason, people are particularly friendly. Right now I feel like time has taken a break from rushing my life, though I know that isn't true. These 14 days will flash by as usual. So I will be doing my best to enjoy my time here, and will not be blogging. But before I go, I must say a few things.

First- Check out the house in which we will be living for the duration of the show. It is the most adorable place I have ever seen. The back yard seems to stretch on forever, and it includes apples, grapes, and blueberries! I have not taken pictures of inside, or the backyard. But I do have one shot of the front. And from the level of cuteness that it beholds, I will give you some time to imagine the magnificence that lies in the back. Actually, never mind. There is hardly any service here so the upload from my phone will take hours. I will be sure to post some photos before this trip is over.

Second- There is a gala on sunday night, my dress+shoes for it are stunning. I can't wait to post photos from that.

Third- Jeremiah 2:27-28

 27 They say to wood, 'You are my father,'
       and to stone, 'You gave me birth.'
       They have turned their backs to me
       and not their faces;
       yet when they are in trouble, they say,
       'Come and save us!'
 28 Where then are the gods you made for yourselves?
       Let them come if they can save you
       when you are in trouble!
       For you have as many gods
       as you have towns, O Judah.

I love how this verse expresses human's love for false gods. They may seem promising, but in the end, they will break without fail. I attended the Tim Mcgraw concert last Saturday. The music was fantastic, and he seems like such a wonderful man. However, the way in which many people were behaving on the lawn made me a little depressed. I don't know about you, but I believe that a concert is about enjoying the music. That's what I did. The way these people were acting almost ruined my whole concert experience. Now, I do not know their lives, I do not know their beliefs, and I did my best not to judge, but I wish there was something I could do or say to help them realize that there is so much more to this life. Not saying I sin any less than the people I encountered, because, believe me, I do. But the eye opening experience I encountered in December of last year lead to me living such a more fulfilling life. I want them to have that as well. Only God can truly sustain. 

P.S. The Avett Brothers are amazing. Check them out. 


Over the hill and approaching the next one.

Well it tasted great!

Earlier yesterday, I went to the Shelley lake/park with a few friends. It's so strange thinking about how we will be parting from each other in less than a month. We brought a ton of food while sitting and talking, dwelling in the summer heat. The clouds were simply amazing yesterday, I don't know why. I caught myself staring for several seconds in genuine awe. All I think of is the magnificence that is God above us. These massive clouds touch my heart in such a unique way. I have more pictures I will show below from earlier in the week. 

And there's all our food.

Below are the pictures I mentioned earlier.
There was a full rainbow in the sky. We could see both ends. The sky was filled with these paintings of God, and pictures simply do not give it justice. The rainbow is almost nonexistent in this picture, but I believe this is the one of it.

There's a silver lining. 
I took these pictures from the sunroof of our car at a Chik-fil-A. I felt like a spy. It was awesome. But anyways, the sky was incredible.

So I really want a leather satchel for college. Any recommendations? I am so not the backpack kind of girl. They just mess up my whole outfit. I need one that will hold my laptop and books. 

"That is why, for Christ's sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong." 2 Corinthians 12:10

I love this verse. It makes all the daily troubles I experience worthwhile. And even the major difficulties. Keep with God, and you will be strong. No matter the struggle. 


"If I ever get the nerve to say hello in this cafe..."

So on Saturday I returned from a three-day trip to a little town called Blowing Rock in the North Carolina mountains. I was there for a family reunion, but within the narrow roads and the rich flora lie memories made by so much more than a small family gathering. I attend a two week horse show in this beautiful town every summer. It is for that show that I am packing up my bags and my horse on Sunday for my departure to this place.  Every year this show is the highlight of my summer, and I'm sure this shall be no different. 

Before I left, however, I went on an outing to Southpoint Mall. It's about 30 minutes from my house, but it's worth the drive. My grandparents were taking my sister shopping for her birthday, I came along as the standing modern fashion advisor. It was a fun trip, my grandparents are always entertaining. We had a lovely dinner, but something remained on my mind all night. It was the pair of Frye "Melissa" boots I saw in Nordstrom. They are far out of my price range, but it was love at first sight. Yes, I believe it's possible. But only for shoes. As soon as I saw them I instantly thought of the scene in The Graduate when Dustin Hoffman's character sees Katharine Ross' for the first time at Berkeley. Her outfit is uniquely imprinted in my mind for some reason. 

That same night I learned my roommate and suite-mates! They are all fantastic! I can't get over how much I have been blessed to live with such wonderful people. I love you, Erin, Liz, and Madison!! Cannot wait for August 14th!

On Thursday we drove to Blowing Rock. We ate a wonderful dinner with my cousins, aunt, uncle, and some other family members. On Friday morning my two cousins (ages 9 and 11), my sister, and I made some lovely lanyards. That was pretty fun, then, after lunch at the best Mellow Mushroom, we ventured to the Moses H. Cone house. I have been to this house on several occasions by horse, but never by car. Therefore, I had never been up close and personal with this incredible building. And the view is fantastic. Check it out. 

We saw some horses at the entrance. One's name was Thunder and upon his introduction a big roll of, thunder rumbled. It was perfect timing. As if with every introduction of this lovely horse thunder must follow. 
These flowers were filled with butterflies!
And there's this incredible manor.
Want to know why I love it so much? Because this is what greets you at the front door. The house is filled with locally made jewelry and other products. 
I was enticed by the white pillars against all the green surroundings.

Below is a picture of my cousins, sister, and me. Sally, Me, Anna, and Olivia.

Saturday I went to the John Mayer/Train concert. I had been to see John Mayer before and unfortunately I was quite disappointed. The music was good, but something about his attitude bothered me. However, Train was fantastic! I have loved them long before I loved John Mayer so I was pretty excited about seeing them. They have such great music, I don't understand why they haven't been more popular. 

Anyways, I just returned from seeing Inception and it was mind blowing. Those are the best words to describe it. I was captivated, truly. Never has a movie affected me in that way. Please go see it, you will be thankful I recommended it. I promise. 
I read a great verse last night. 
"For some say, 'His letters are weighty and forceful, but in person he is unimpressive and his speaking amounts to nothing.' Such people should realize that what we are in our letters when we are absent, we will be in our actions when we are present." 2 Corinthians 10:10-11 

Paul describes a common feeling of mine. I love writing, it's the only way I feel I can truly communicate my feelings to others. In person, so many times, I fail to bring my thoughts into words. But here everything seems to flow. This is so natural to me. Here I can be powerful, whereas in person words fail me. These verses remind me that it isn't about words in person. It's about actions. When you are away, that is when you can use words as your force. So what if in person my mind draws blank? I remember that my actions have become my words. Through my movements I write my beliefs. 
The title of this post was inspired by the song Marry Me by Train. Please listen to it


My flourishing shoe desire. And the beach.

Dr. Martens 1460 worn.Image via Wikipedia
Lately I have become obsessed with shoes. I mean, I always am, but now it's almost overpowering. I really want some Dr. Martens. I'm afraid they will consume my small frame, however. But I keep thinking of outfits with which they would go perfectly. First I wanted metallic silver ones, now I'm thinking black would be more practical. I just cannot decide! Or would biker boots be better? Man, I wish I had all the money in the world.

I really want some chunky, black, strappy wedges. Topshop has some great ones. I love their PACE buckle wedges. I'm afraid I won't be able to ride my cute little beach bike to class, though.  One of my new favorite shoe designers is Rosegold. My prom shoes were made by them and I have yet to see a shoe of theirs that I didn't like. They have fantastic heels with just enough of an edge to show originality.

Anyways, I returned home from the beach yesterday. On our last day there we drove the boat, my aunt's boat, to Cape Lookout. It was absolutely beautiful. I felt like we were in the islands. The beaches seemed to stretch on forever and the water was so clear. 
Photo credit to my mother, she took many of these. 
We saw some dolphins along the way! Below are some of the pictures my mom and I took.
There's the lighthouse. 
The view from the condo. 
Love those clouds...I had to go to the other side of the building to see the sunset.

This was an extremely successful vacation. By that, I mean I got some much needed rest, ate delicious home-cooked meals almost every night, learned how to play Canasta, and I am about two shades tanner. I bought some cute dresses that I can't wait to show you. And I ache for shoes more than ever before.

"So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal." 2 Corinthians 4:18

This verse shoots my shoe lusting down, way down. Focus on God, not shoes, Makena. Shoes will get you nowhere. Well, in the end. 

As I was updating this blog I was watching Tosh.0. It's my new favorite show and I have Mary Beth Warren to thank for that. I highly recommend it. Big time. Enhanced by Zemanta



I am finally at the beach. It has been long awaited, but it's very worth it. I have missed the familiar sands of the outer banks between my toes and the crashing waves of the crystal coast. My grandparents' condo in Pine Knoll Shores is fabulous. While gazing upon the ocean front view and long, endless beaches I feel like my long and stressful first month of summer can reach a quiet ending. Even now, while I sit with Mary Beth at the Coral Bay Club at the Ballroom Boutique Show I feel no sense of the pandemonium encircling me. Before I left, however, I photographed some of my recent jewelry purchases/gifts.

I got this ring in Mykonos. It was love at first sight.
I got this arm bracelet in Athens, it hand made and two generations old! Zach Gregory bought it for me. Thanks again, Zach!
Necklace bought in Mykonos, it's so unique. I had to have it.

I have probably worn this ring the most out of everything I bought in Greece. I bought it in Athens. The woman from whom I bought it said it mimics an ancient style of Greek jewelry. The picture on the stamp is very interesting.
I got this ring a while ago, but I haven't worn it in many pictures so I thought it deserved to be included.
Mary Beth made this necklace. It was my birthday present from her. Isn't it gorgeous?
My trainer, Vicki, gave me this necklace for graduation and I think it's superb.
Birthday present from Rachel. Chunky necklace. I love it.
Zach Gregory made this necklace and gave it to my for my birthday. I am so blessed to have such amazingly talented friends.

After I photographed my jewelry I experimented with my camera a little. I was attempting to take a picture of the jewelry I was wearing at the time and I thought these turned out pretty well.
I loved how the album covers on my walls turned out in the photos, so then I decided to take some shots of my room.
It's a little cluttered, but thats how I like it.
About to leave for bingo at the Coral Bay Club! My dress is Velvet, worn with vintage jewelry, and Sam Edelman shoes.

Below are some pictures of the Ballroom Boutique Show! There were so many fantastic vendors. I bought a few dresses from a shop called the Clotheshound, I also got a dress from a designer called Southern Frock, and a gorgeous brooch from BS ART BS ART
My cousin, Nielsen, holding down the fort at Amore dei Cani. My aunt sells these products for her sorority sister.
Below are some pictures of MaryBee's Jewelry at the boutique show.
"If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are to be pitied more than all men."
1 Corinthians 15:19
I tell myself often to remain focused on heaven. It makes the simple arguments and pointless grudges seem so insignificant. Live this life for the life to come.