Walking From Class.

Just walking home from class, no big deal. 

I just saw snowflakes out the window. The forecast calls for snow, let's see if it sticks! 

"Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me [Jesus]."
John 14:1 


My first market purchases. The largest strawberries I've ever seen, fresh bread, apples, banana, Florentine salami, fontina cheese, spices. 
We went to the market yesterday. Most of the day was spent buying food and necessities. Today we went to Ikea. It was an adventure. We had to walk across town to the bus stop, board a bus packed full of people and ride 15-20 minutes to a huge Ikea. I had never been to one before, and I may have gotten a bad first impression. Don't get me wrong, the furniture is fantastic. And all at such good prices. But I have never been in a building with so many people. I felt like I was on the streets of New York at Christmastime. Only I was in a store. I bought some necessary basics for the apartment: a bath mat, hand towel, dish towel, cups, a mug, and cereal bowl. All for 7 euro.
Tomorrow is our first day of classes! It's very likely I will be taking my camera along with me. Expect more photos this week! 

I am so grateful. Have you ever had the feeling that God has put you exactly in the place in which you are meant to be? Surrounded by people around which he intended you to be? That's how I feel. I love Firenze. I love everything. I do miss America, family, having a car, constant hot water, a room that doesn't smell like cats. But I know I am in the right place. In His perfect plan. 

Psalm 130
Out of the depths I cry to you, LORD; 
 Lord, hear my voice. 
Let your ears be attentive 
   to my cry for mercy.

 If you, LORD, kept a record of sins, 
   Lord, who could stand? 
But with you there is forgiveness, 
   so that we can, with reverence, serve you.

 I wait for the LORD, my whole being waits, 
   and in his word I put my hope. 
I wait for the Lord 
   more than watchmen wait for the morning, 
   more than watchmen wait for the morning.

 Israel, put your hope in the LORD, 
   for with the LORD is unfailing love 
   and with him is full redemption. 
He himself will redeem Israel 
   from all their sins.

A psalm over which I have been meditating. I want to wait for Him and only Him. He will be my relief and nothing else. 



 This couple from Madrid asked us to take a picture of them. So adorable! 

 Best pizza. 

The view from the terrace of our apartment. 

And now it's time for our school's welcome dinner. 

 And Jesus Christ was revealed as God’s Son by His baptism in water and by shedding His blood on the cross -- not by water only, but by water and blood. And the Spirit, who is truth, confirms it with His testimony.
    1 John 5:6 



Here are some of the photos I have taken during my first 24 hours in Firenze! 
 A delicious panini 
 I am in love with all the architecture! 

 love locks, romantic in an adorable way
 Our apartment is right off the Ponte Vecchio. The famous bridge lined with extravagant jewelry shops. Where five years ago I bought the ring that permanently lives in the middle finger of my right hand. 

 Italian pizza, the best pizza

 The River Arno at night. 
 Our first meals in Italy. Delicious paninis, handcrafted with so much care. 
The door to our apartment, right next to the panini shop where the sandwich above was made a few hours earlier. 

Overall, traveling was uneventful. There were little things, stereotypical airplane and travel inconveniences such as crying babies, obnoxious conversations, and lost luggage. The last of which was resolved and I am in possession of all my belongings. But now I am here and Firenze is beautiful, more beautiful than I remembered. I am in love. My apartment is fantastic. I had set very low expectations, but it is so big. It can feel like home. I am so exhausted right now, though. Today consisted of a lot of walking, eating, sight-seeing, and more eating. I will fill you in on more details tomorrow, as we have wifi in the apartment and I can communicate with you on a regular basis. 
Things are so wonderful. I love it all. 

 Jesus said, "Everyone who drinks this water will get thirsty again and again. Anyone who drinks the water I give will never thirst -- not ever. The water I give will be an artesian spring within, gushing fountains of endless life."
    John 4:13-14 


Firenze Bound.

By the time you read this I will be on my way to Firenze! I have been counting down to this day for what seems like forever, and now it's here. Please keep me in your prayers! I will be posting as many pictures as this blog can take so prepare yourselves. I'm not sure when I will be able to post again, hopefully soon! But until then...

A piĆ¹ tardi! 
(See you later!)

"Praise the LORD. Praise the LORD, O my soul. I will praise the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live."
Psalm 146:1-2



Anxiety has been common in these past few days. I leave for Firenze on Tuesday. It is unreal. I am leaving the country for 4 months. The nervousness had been growing, I had begun wishing for just one more day here, then I saw this photo. 
I have no idea where this door resides. It may be in Italy, it may not be. However, I know I will be seeing many beautifully designed doors such as this in Florence. And instantly I was calm. I was reminded of the beauty, the Italian beauty I will be seeing. 
I usually don't post on Sundays, but I felt I should share this. 

Trust in the LORD
with all your heart
and lean not
on your own understanding;
in all your ways
acknowledge him,
and he will make
your paths straight.

Proverbs 3:5-6


Inspiration Saturday.

These pictures are not my own. Sources can be found on my pinterest

A blog that I am loving: Busy Bee Lauren. She posts about the Hunger Games very often, a favorite topic of mine. If you love the Hunger Games, cute style, or fun people in general you should definitely check out her blog. 

Have a great Saturday! 
For He has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son He loves...
   Colossians 1:13