Blue Jeans.

It's amazing how my sense of style has changed over the years. If my high school senior self could take a look at me now, she would probably be appalled. I've become so casual. I've truly been learning the goodness of a beautiful basic. Versatility has become one of my favorite words. I am amazed at how long it has been since I splurged on an item of clothing. Comfort has been inching to the same level of importance as style (thankfully the return of the Birkenstock sandal has made that transition easy). 

What I'm trying to say is…my style has drastically changed, but for the better. As humans, we grow and change throughout our entire lives, it's only normal that this reflect in the items we wear. 

I bought these jeans last fall from Urban Outfitters and have yet to show them to you here due to my not-so-over hiatus. They're the most fantastic high-waisted jeans I've ever worn and I didn't even have to hem them. Uncuffed, they fit just right. But who wears jeans uncuffed anymore? It was a beautiful day last Friday. Perfect for a walk by the river and scoping out photoshoot locations with my friends Julia (check out her blog, Trends & Tomfoolery) and Kristmar (check out her awesome graphic design website here). 

photos by Kristmar 

embroidered button-down : Madewell (also seen here)| blue jeans : BDG | sandals : Birkenstock | necklace : H&M | sunglasses : Target

Have a wonderful day! 

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