"If I ever get the nerve to say hello in this cafe..."

So on Saturday I returned from a three-day trip to a little town called Blowing Rock in the North Carolina mountains. I was there for a family reunion, but within the narrow roads and the rich flora lie memories made by so much more than a small family gathering. I attend a two week horse show in this beautiful town every summer. It is for that show that I am packing up my bags and my horse on Sunday for my departure to this place.  Every year this show is the highlight of my summer, and I'm sure this shall be no different. 

Before I left, however, I went on an outing to Southpoint Mall. It's about 30 minutes from my house, but it's worth the drive. My grandparents were taking my sister shopping for her birthday, I came along as the standing modern fashion advisor. It was a fun trip, my grandparents are always entertaining. We had a lovely dinner, but something remained on my mind all night. It was the pair of Frye "Melissa" boots I saw in Nordstrom. They are far out of my price range, but it was love at first sight. Yes, I believe it's possible. But only for shoes. As soon as I saw them I instantly thought of the scene in The Graduate when Dustin Hoffman's character sees Katharine Ross' for the first time at Berkeley. Her outfit is uniquely imprinted in my mind for some reason. 

That same night I learned my roommate and suite-mates! They are all fantastic! I can't get over how much I have been blessed to live with such wonderful people. I love you, Erin, Liz, and Madison!! Cannot wait for August 14th!

On Thursday we drove to Blowing Rock. We ate a wonderful dinner with my cousins, aunt, uncle, and some other family members. On Friday morning my two cousins (ages 9 and 11), my sister, and I made some lovely lanyards. That was pretty fun, then, after lunch at the best Mellow Mushroom, we ventured to the Moses H. Cone house. I have been to this house on several occasions by horse, but never by car. Therefore, I had never been up close and personal with this incredible building. And the view is fantastic. Check it out. 

We saw some horses at the entrance. One's name was Thunder and upon his introduction a big roll of, thunder rumbled. It was perfect timing. As if with every introduction of this lovely horse thunder must follow. 
These flowers were filled with butterflies!
And there's this incredible manor.
Want to know why I love it so much? Because this is what greets you at the front door. The house is filled with locally made jewelry and other products. 
I was enticed by the white pillars against all the green surroundings.

Below is a picture of my cousins, sister, and me. Sally, Me, Anna, and Olivia.

Saturday I went to the John Mayer/Train concert. I had been to see John Mayer before and unfortunately I was quite disappointed. The music was good, but something about his attitude bothered me. However, Train was fantastic! I have loved them long before I loved John Mayer so I was pretty excited about seeing them. They have such great music, I don't understand why they haven't been more popular. 

Anyways, I just returned from seeing Inception and it was mind blowing. Those are the best words to describe it. I was captivated, truly. Never has a movie affected me in that way. Please go see it, you will be thankful I recommended it. I promise. 
I read a great verse last night. 
"For some say, 'His letters are weighty and forceful, but in person he is unimpressive and his speaking amounts to nothing.' Such people should realize that what we are in our letters when we are absent, we will be in our actions when we are present." 2 Corinthians 10:10-11 

Paul describes a common feeling of mine. I love writing, it's the only way I feel I can truly communicate my feelings to others. In person, so many times, I fail to bring my thoughts into words. But here everything seems to flow. This is so natural to me. Here I can be powerful, whereas in person words fail me. These verses remind me that it isn't about words in person. It's about actions. When you are away, that is when you can use words as your force. So what if in person my mind draws blank? I remember that my actions have become my words. Through my movements I write my beliefs. 
The title of this post was inspired by the song Marry Me by Train. Please listen to it

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