I am finally at the beach. It has been long awaited, but it's very worth it. I have missed the familiar sands of the outer banks between my toes and the crashing waves of the crystal coast. My grandparents' condo in Pine Knoll Shores is fabulous. While gazing upon the ocean front view and long, endless beaches I feel like my long and stressful first month of summer can reach a quiet ending. Even now, while I sit with Mary Beth at the Coral Bay Club at the Ballroom Boutique Show I feel no sense of the pandemonium encircling me. Before I left, however, I photographed some of my recent jewelry purchases/gifts.

I got this ring in Mykonos. It was love at first sight.
I got this arm bracelet in Athens, it hand made and two generations old! Zach Gregory bought it for me. Thanks again, Zach!
Necklace bought in Mykonos, it's so unique. I had to have it.

I have probably worn this ring the most out of everything I bought in Greece. I bought it in Athens. The woman from whom I bought it said it mimics an ancient style of Greek jewelry. The picture on the stamp is very interesting.
I got this ring a while ago, but I haven't worn it in many pictures so I thought it deserved to be included.
Mary Beth made this necklace. It was my birthday present from her. Isn't it gorgeous?
My trainer, Vicki, gave me this necklace for graduation and I think it's superb.
Birthday present from Rachel. Chunky necklace. I love it.
Zach Gregory made this necklace and gave it to my for my birthday. I am so blessed to have such amazingly talented friends.

After I photographed my jewelry I experimented with my camera a little. I was attempting to take a picture of the jewelry I was wearing at the time and I thought these turned out pretty well.
I loved how the album covers on my walls turned out in the photos, so then I decided to take some shots of my room.
It's a little cluttered, but thats how I like it.
About to leave for bingo at the Coral Bay Club! My dress is Velvet, worn with vintage jewelry, and Sam Edelman shoes.

Below are some pictures of the Ballroom Boutique Show! There were so many fantastic vendors. I bought a few dresses from a shop called the Clotheshound, I also got a dress from a designer called Southern Frock, and a gorgeous brooch from BS ART BS ART
My cousin, Nielsen, holding down the fort at Amore dei Cani. My aunt sells these products for her sorority sister.
Below are some pictures of MaryBee's Jewelry at the boutique show.
"If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are to be pitied more than all men."
1 Corinthians 15:19
I tell myself often to remain focused on heaven. It makes the simple arguments and pointless grudges seem so insignificant. Live this life for the life to come.

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