Christmas (Break) List

The grass withers and the flowers fall,
    but the word of our God endures forever.
Isaiah 40:8

Part of the #shereadstruth Advent reading plan. 
Only You endure forever. Not my grades, not my popularity, nothing but You. 

Hi everyone.
As a college student, I always look forward to Christmas Break. It's so nice to be done with finals and home for a month. This is the perfect time to do the things I've been dreaming of ever since classes took over my life. This is the first time I won't be going-going-going since early August. I've compiled a list of things I really want to do during this time. Of course, these things may not happen, but it's nice to have them all in one place.

1. Read the Harry Potter Series
I know, I know, what kind of person who claims to love literature hasn't read Harry Potter. Well, I haven't. And now that the movies have ended I am craving those lovable (and some not-so-lovable) characters. It's time I read those books.

2. Have a Christmas dinner party. 
If you know me, you know I love dinner parties. And what better time to have one than now? It's time for apple cider and comfort food, you in?

3. Finally print my study abroad photos and make a scrapbook. 
It seems that whenever I go to assembling these photos, I get so lost in nostalgia that I forget the reason I began compiling in the first place. I also have a huge folder full of business cards, brochures, and receipts that I originally wanted to put into a book. Over 6 months later, I will do this.

4. Sit by the fire. 
This one's a little easier and self-explanatory.

5. Ride. 
Every. Single. Day. Man, I have missed those horses. Hardy, in particular (of course).

As always, I will be documenting all of these activities on instagram. 
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Have a great Tuesday! 

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