I post so many pet pictures. But I just love them so much! So here are some more. 

And some pictures from around the house. 
 Possibly the prettiest part of the house at sunset. 

Lately I've been even more obsessed with scented candles. As soon as I get to my room at night, I turn on the record player and light the candles. It makes my room a sort of sanctuary. As if it wasn't already. 

What Do I Know Of Holy-Addison Road
Instead of a verse, like normal, I want to share a song with you! This song is so incredible. And convicting. One of my favorite lines, 

"Where have I even stood, but the shore along your ocean."

Pride is always a struggle of mine, but this makes it seem so silly. How could I think of myself as better than anyone else when I am nothing compared to this marvelous, huge world we live in? And yet Jesus loved me enough to die for me. And not only me, but all of us. Just some thoughts I have been having lately.


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