I am very obsessed with clouds and the sky. I have been known to endanger myself, taking pictures of them as I am driving. These weren't taken in that scenario, however. Enjoy. 

This last photo I found on tumblr. I love it, everyone is smiling. Either they have just returned from a lovely outing on their boat or are just leaving. My family used to have a boat and a beach house of our own, but unfortunately it came down to horses or ocean. We still take trips to the beach, my grandparents have a condo. In fact, I am leaving Monday to spend a few weeks there. I can't wait, I just bought more books. I have already read through most of the ones I bought for this summer. 

"In those days I will pour out my Spirit even on my servants--men and women alike--and they will prophesy."
Acts 2:18


Have a beautiful Thursday. 

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  1. the thing about clouds is that they can change so quickly! so yes they intrigue me as well


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