Daily Routine.

 I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.
Galatians 2:20

I always love hearing about a person's beauty routine. There are so many different products out there, it's nice to have them narrowed down a bit! And I always learn about new tips that I would have never known otherwise. So I figured it's about time I share my routine of the moment. I say "of the moment" because it really is always changing. I am always trying new products, tips, and tricks. This one seems to be working for me right now. 
daily routine

Chanel / Bare Escentuals , $32 / Marc Jacobs fragrance / Murad / Clinique , $28 / Beauty product / Bumble and Bumble bumble, $45 / Bumble and Bumble bumble, $25 / Bumble and Bumble bumble, $28

1. A new Sephora just opened at the mall in Columbia and I have made some not-exactly-necessary stops to visit. Ever since I made my hair ombre, the ends have become so tangled after I shower. I have been on a search for a shampoo and conditioner that will make my hair easy to comb through without causing it to lose volume and take away the already small amount of texture I have. This seaweed shampoo/conditioner by Bumble and Bumble seems to do just the trick. And the smell is heavenly.

2. It is incredibly important to exfoliate. I notice such a big difference in the look and feel of my skin when I exfoliate on a regular basis. I use this Clinique Exfoliating Scrub every other day and it works wonders.

3. A guy at Sephora recently convinced me to invest in the Murad Clarifying Cleanser. I've had some problems with breakouts for a while and have been looking for a better cleanser. In the past, acne-treating cleaners have not only failed to clear up acne, but have also dried out my skin to no end. I've been using this Murad cleanser for over two weeks now and it has made my skin so much clearer but has kept it the same level of hydration. I'll be sticking with this one for a while.

4. My face is very combination, but the rest of my skin is very dry. I've tried several different kinds of body lotions over the years and I always come back to Curel. The one I posted here is their daily moisture body lotion, which is great. I use the itch defense one, though, because when my skin is dry, it's itchy and horrible. This lotion lasts for 24 hours and keeps my skin from being itchy.

5. I recently acquired the Bumble and Bumble mending masque in an effort to heal the damaged ends of my hair. I used it for the first time the other night and I could just feel my hair saying "THANK YOU!". It did a wonderful job of restoring moisture to all the right spots, as well as repair damage. This is a weekly treatment and I am excited to see how it works over time, as well.

6. I've been a loyal follower of Chanel make-up for a while now. Their Inmitable Intense Mascara is probably my favorite of their products. I can't imagine using any other mascara.

7. In the past few months I've abandoned foundation. I have yet to find one that I truly love. But I still believe it does a lot to protect skin, when you have a good one. Instead of foundation, I've been applying Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil every day. It has SPF15 and does a great job of absorbing oil and protecting my skin from the world. It's also so weightless, I never feel like I'm wearing make-up!

8. And the last touch before I walk out the door, perfume. While I LOVE my Miss Dior Cherie and Marc Jacobs Daisy, I have been wanting something simpler as of late. When they first came out, I jumped on the Marc Jacobs Splash bandwagon. I believe I have one of the first scents of the line, Pear. Since then, many more scents have come out. Mine has lasted me a while. It's so light that I don't feel like I have a perfume cloud surrounding me, but I know I still smell fresh and lovely :). This Rain scent seems wonderful. 

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