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Please read this great article about helping women to feel beautiful when they are battling with cancer!

Confidence in Fashion
By: Jackie Clark

Fashion has this magical way of making a woman feel good in an instant. When a woman has a bad day and needs to blow off steam and make herself forget about the hardships and annoyances she faced that day; she goes shopping. When she has something to celebrate, she goes shopping. Fashion, particularly high fashion, has a way of making women feel that she can accomplish anything. Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand and that is why fashion and women get along so well especially during challenging times in a woman’s life.

When a doctor diagnoses a woman with mesothelioma cancer and tells her she will need to undergo treatment to fight her battle, she feels a rush of emotions that can run the spectrum in terms of feelings, ultimately putting fashion on the back burner. However, this is the last thing women should do! Instead they must remember their inner beauty and continue to bring it outward.

Using high fashion is a great way for a woman to feel instantly more beautiful, which in turn makes her feel more confident and more powerful. Clothing has a way of making women feel this way. Whether it is a gorgeous dress that she is planning to wear to celebrate her first successful chemotherapy treatment or a pair of jeans that fit just right, the perfect outfit can have a woman feeling like a superstar, which will make her confidence level rise and her powerful feelings come back. This will help her to fight her cancer as she goes through treatment. 

To add a little beauty and glamour to a woman’s life, accessories are a great invention. From gorgeous jewelry to the perfect designer shoes or even just a simple scarf in a bright, happy color, accessories can make a woman feel instantly more beautiful, despite the fact that she is living with cancer. No matter what a woman’s diagnosis may be she must remember that cancer can’t take away her beauty. Beauty comes from the inside and fashion allows her to show how confident and powerful she can be despite challenges. Grab that little black dress and head to the doctor’s with a head held high. Cancer shouldn’t define a woman. Instead she should define cancer.

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