Inspiration Saturday.

Prepare yourselves. A lot of things have been inspiring me lately. Something about this time of the year, everything is seen in a new light. 
Photos, all found on tumblr

The new Wilco album, "The Whole Love" is absolutely fantastic. I have always appreciated the band but had never realized how much they are influenced by some of my favorite artists. When listening to the album I hear The Beatles, Pink Floyd and a little bit of Neil Young and Crazy Horse. But they have warped these sounds into their own. It is still very original and a delight to listen to. 

I had been meaning to make a whole post about this movie, but I just got too busy towards the end of the week. Tuesday night I went with my friends Ashley and Shelby to see the movie Courageous. It is a Christian movie, produced by the same as Fireproof. The movie is about five men who make a resolution to follow Christ and, through Christ's example, step up and be the men in their households. It is a man-movie, but I still enjoyed it and would recommend it to either gender. The gospel is clearly stated and portrayed through circumstances. It was a sad movie, though. I cried a lot and that means something. I do not normally cry in movies. It seems I am immune to sappiness. However, Courageous is anything but that. I highly recommend it. Watch the trailer here

Julia is a blog I have enjoyed for a while now. She posts beautiful pictures, movie and TV show reviews as well as fashion photos. She has a way of posting feeling, so that once the photos end you feel you were right there, wherever the photos took place.

And a beautiful song to top it off! 

Have a great Saturday! Go Gamecocks! 

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