Songs of Joy.

I have some big news. Last night was our first Kappa Bible Study. Ashley and I had been preparing for this night for a long time. It was like Bid Day for the Chaplains. All day I had been looking forward to it, and preparing as best as I could. A meeting with the leader of Greek Impact, Kitty, got me even more excited. God provided more than I ever thought He would. I truly had been underestimating His magnificent power. I had this excited feeling, like He was going to surprise me somehow, but I did not fully give into His love. I was still concerned and doubting the turn-out. 

We are studying one of Marian Jordan's books, Sex and the City Uncovered: Exposing the Emptiness and Healing the Hurt. Kitty provided us with ten books, that we could give to the girls for a lesser price. I thought ten was being optimistic. But as 7:15 inched closer and closer, the excitement grew. God was giving me such joy, a joy that seemed to push away the depressing fact that my beloved Golden Retriever has yet to be found. He seemed to whisper, you just wait. Looking back, I feel like I was experiencing a real-life Jesus Calling devotional, except even more magnified. 

And boy, did He come through. We had 19 girls at our first meeting! Possibly a Kappa record? Praise the Lord. He is GOOD! All good. And he has no other idea in mind than your good! He has shown me this week how to trust. How to look only to Him. I had been only putting half my trust in Him, not fully giving in, not relinquishing my desire to control. But when your dog has run away, with no collar, and is eleven years old, there is no control. I have no idea where she is, whom she is with, or even if she is alive. *sob* But I know God is good. I know that He will get me through this and, better still, He will show me His love and mercy through it all. 

So, some many words of encouragement about my life. And one particular verse speaking to me through it all...
Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy.
Psalm 125:5

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