Live and Learn.

So I just read this article assigned for my philosophy class. I know that this is not something I would typically post on this blog, and I know that I have been terribly neglecting my already small audience but I found this very enlightening.

Live and Learn is an essay written by Louis Menand addressing the crisis, in my opinion, of college education. The desire to truly learn and grow the mind is diminishing. I am not saying that I am above my fellow students. Many of them have higher GPA's and study more hours out of the week. But I see so many of my peers simply studying to pass, to get a degree, and to get a job (which is always nice). What happened to learning? To being enlightened? And to having respect for the professors who have dedicated their lives to a particular subject? Business is great, it makes the world go around, but there is so much more to this life than a cubicle and punching in numbers. There is art and expression out there. There are things worth knowing.

As you can see, this piece got me a little fired up. Please read it, if you like. And let me know what you think! I will do my best to post some cool things this week. Hopefully I will have some time, but until then...

Speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into Him who is the Head, that is, Christ.
           Ephesians 4:15

Oh yeah, and on a super random note, I have had deja vu more than 3 times today. Does anyone else think that to be a little strange? 

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  1. So glad you shared this...my mother has always felt the same way and I agree with you and her! She LOVES learning to learn and I think there are so many great things about it, especially the older I get...I think I appreciate it more! Lovely blog...so glad I stumbled upon it!

    Liesl ;)


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