Inspiration Saturday.

So instead of posting some more of the pictures I have been taking this week, all of which include either a dog, a horse, or something in between, I have decided to feature all of the things that have been inspiring me lately.

found on tumblr or pinterest

birchbox.com--For 10 dollars a month you get a monthly shipment of trial size beauty supplies! What a great way to try new products! Something I am always up for. 

Your Only Blackswan-- She has got the fashion/personal blog down! I am in love with her style, and she always knows how to balance outfit posting and personal photos, something I aspire to achieve some day. 
And She Loved--I just found her blog yesterday and I am already obsessed! She mentioned the website birchbox.com (see above) so how could I not be an automatic follower?
Knight Cat--I have been following this blog for a while now and I always look forward to her posts! She picks the most inspiring, original photos and designer collections. 
Absolutely Mrs. K--Such a beautiful blog and even more beautiful person! She is the sweetest girl with a unique sense of style that is always a breath of fresh air to the often suffocated Southern girl. 
Live & Enliven --Her blog is always featuring such interesting things like artwork, food, and anything else you can think of! I love this blog, I think it is adorable, informative, and practical! 

Through Painted Deserts-Donald Miller
I am truly obsessed with this author. Have you ever felt like you have found your writing soul mate? Well that's how I feel and I will be mentioning this man in many posts to come. Please read Blue Like Jazz if you haven't. Through Painted Deserts is the second book by him I am reading. I just started it yesterday and can't put it down! His writing is beautiful and refreshing. And his stories are even better. He makes me want to do crazy things and have tons of wonderful experiences, just so that I can reflect on them in the same nostalgic yet matured and appreciative manner. 

"Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior,
who daily bears our burdens."
Psalm 68:10

Enjoy your weekend! 


  1. Nice Photos :) http://shu84.blogspot.com

  2. amazing inspirations!

    BTW, I’m your big fan – your style is really original and I read your blog very often and I just wonder..if we could follow each other.. But even if your answer is “no” I’ll be still your reader ♥



  3. OMG the first picture and the purple make-up are perfection!

    Have a nice weekend, Jenny

  4. OMG, these pictures are simply AMAZING!!!Love them all, tanks for sharing and or the inspiration!

  5. Those photos are inspiring <3

    Have a fashionable day! <3
    IT *

  6. So much inspiration material, loved the messy braid and bun!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  7. i really like the photos!! especially of audrey hepburn :)

    please follow :)



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