Back In Business.

 What I wore to my debutante luncheon. Dress from Hen Feathers, Nicole wedges

 Pictures from the luncheon. 
 Taylor on the beach. 

Never had I had so much fun taking pictures. This moon was incredible. My mom looked outside and didn't know what it was. Yeah, that's the moon. The light below it is the Cape Lookout light. It was a beautiful night. 

This may sound silly, but I have started writing something. It's a story. I don't know what this will turn into, but I have learned a lot this summer and one night it just came to me. A story like a cloud came upon me and all I had was words, pouring forth. And I actually think it's good work. I just hope it continues in that direction. 
As I was writing, I realized how much inspiration I've had. Authors, styles, and stories were rushing back, from past classes and studies. I guess it took creating to understand what had been pushing me along all these years. 

Let them give thanks to the LORD for His unfailing love and His wonderful deeds for men.
 Psalm 107:31



  1. The dress you are wearing is gorgeous. I love the two toned coffee colours in the skirt :)
    I think it's great that you've found such a strong sense of inspiration, I hope you're writing adventure goes well :)

  2. Such beautiful photos, it looks like your debut was a success. :)

    The Cat Hag

  3. I love the dress. And these photos are lovely (Especially the last one)

    I hope your story comes along well :) I love the thrill of starting a new story. So much potential.

    Castle Fashion

  4. Loving your outfit for you deb luncheon! Especially those shoes - love em'! And those pictures are totally making me crave the beach!

    Good luck with your story, girl! The process of creating something, no matter what it is, is so incredibly rewarding. Enjoy the ride!

    chloe ** flowerponychloe.blogspot.com

  5. your dress is so gorgeous and i love all of these sunny pictures!

    <3 steffy


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