Shimmy into the Roaring Twenties

Last Saturday was my very last prom. Sad, I know. But it took a while to really hit me. This was the last dance with these people I have known since fourth grade (my school is K-12). We are all leaving each other. After May 29, every relationship is forever going to be changed. Adulthood is hitting me like a freight train.
The picture above is our dinner group before prom. It was twenties theme, probably my favorite decade. So I tried (or rather my hairstylist tried) to get some finger waves going in my thin, lifeless hair. I think it worked pretty well, my hair did not move the entire night.
Left to right: Mary Beth, Sarah Grace, Kevin, Caroline, WIll, Carolyn, Owen, Me, Nick, and Rachel.

So I recently became quite fascinated with shagging, and the picture above is of Rachel and Me practicing some shagging moves on the dance floor.

So all day Saturday I was with my best friend Rachel. We have basically known each other our whole lives, literally. Our moms passed in the hospital, she had just been born, and I was on the way. Her birthday is tomorrow (April 28) and mine is Friday (April 30). I am having trouble comprehending the fact that we are going to be eighteen. It's absolutely mind-blowing.
But anyways, we started the day going to a walk for Multiple Sclerosis, because my uncle was diagnosed recently. Then we got our hair and make up done. It was quite a busy day. But I always enjoy the time I spend with her, her relationship with God is unlike anyone else I know. I admire her patience and understanding, that could only come from the peace of God.
The picture above is of Rachel and Me right before dinner. My dress is BCBG.

Rachel, Me, Caroline, Sarah Grace, Mary Beth
I love my beautiful friends!!

From now on my best friend, Taylor, and I plan to take daily pictures of our outfits. This was taken Monday the 26th of April. My dress is Susana Monaco, the vest is Velvet, the belt is from Francesca's, and my shoes are Frye.

And today I went shopping at one of my favorite vintage stores downtown, Father and Son, and found this exquisite necklace. I'm so excited, and it was only ten dollars! Pictures of today's outfit will be posted tomorrow.

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