Ready for 'roo

Last year at Bonnaroo. 

In case you haven't heard, Bonnaroo begins in less than a week! It is once again the time for endless days of music, delicious food, and friendly people. It's time to let the outside world take a backseat and retreat to music Utopia. I've been counting down the days since Tom Petty played the last show and we went home last year, and now it's FINALLY time to return (almost)!

 I am by no means a veteran, this is only my second year, but I thought I would share my music festival essentials. I try to be as basic as possible. It's usually very very hot and my survival is dependent on what I have with me. So here are the items I absolutely cannot live without, and a few items that I've found enhance the experience just a little. 

10 Essentials for Bonnaroo 

1. A light, packable raincoat. You're inside the festival all day, most likely. It's best to be prepared. I also found at the night shows it can get a little cool, so even if it's not raining, it's nice to have another layer. Similar here.

2. Water bottle. Staying hydrated is vital. There are free water fountains conveniently located all over the farm, so I would highly recommend bring a water bottle to save money and the environment. I really love my Camelbak CHUTE.

3. Phone. Now, cell service is very limited. Most of the time I had it on airplane mode, but it's great to have to take photos because only point-and-shoot cameras are allowed inside. It's also good to have in case you get separated from your people.

4. A hat. I am not really a hat person. I have never liked how they look on me or how they mess up my hair, but having a hat will keep you so much cooler. It will also keep your scalp and face from getting fried. So please bring a hat of some sort. It helped me so much last year. This one is from J. Crew a few years ago. Similar here.

5. Notebook and pen. I didn't bring this last year, but I wish I had. It would be great to have for the time in-between shows to log who you saw and what you liked most about them. The experiences, while all awesome, can run together if you don't keep track of who you're seeing. Similar here.

6. Fun sunglasses. It is Bonnaroo after all. Wear something fun! And functional. Similar here.

7. A great carry-all bag. I absolutely LOVE my Kavu. It holds so much more than I expected and can double as a pillow if I want to lie down and listen to the music. Similar here.

8. Sunscreen is a MUST. You will get fried out there! I have pictured here all of my favorite sunscreen. Can you tell I like Neutrogena? I've got chapstick with SPF for my lips, spray for my body, and oil-free for my face.

9. Comfortable sandals. You will be walking and standing A LOT. As I have mentioned many times before, I live in my Birkenstocks.

10. And finally, a fun blanket on which you can sit or lie. This one came from Loose Lucy's in Columbia, SC.

I hope this helped! Have you been to Bonnaroo or a music festival? What are your essentials?

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