#lilfamgoestoroo: Asheville

Hi everyone! After a little vacation, I am home and ready to share with you some of my adventures. My family and I took a little road trip on the way to Bonnaroo this year, stopping in many fascinating places along the way. I came up with the hashtag lilfamgoestoroo on the first night. It's a bit of an inside joke between all of us, but if you would like to see what we posted in the moment, check it out on instagram! It's also what I will title this series of posts. Enjoy!

Our first evening was spent in Asheville, NC. We were only there long enough to do a little bit of exploring and eat a delicious dinner, but we had a great time! Here are my favorite photos. 

tank: Urban Outfitters | shorts: Urban Outfitters | shoes: Birkenstock | glasses: Warby Parker (Sinclair)

Stay tuned for many more photos this week!

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