American Girl.

It sure has been a while since my last post. Too long, in my opinion. And at a horrible time to be in a blogging slump. Life has been crazy and amazing and eventful. Brace yourself for a post of epic proportions. 

Let's see, last time I posted was Friday. That day ended up being incredibly busy after I escaped all the William and Kate hysteria. I went on a little trip to the mall in search of some bright lipstick. I lucked out and a picture of me wearing it will come up in a bit. But first I must mention a little excursion of mine.
Yes, that is me and a lovely friend of mine with real guns. Some awesome boys took us shooting and it was so much fun. They weren't loaded when we shot this picture, I hope. Anyways, I actually did shoot something. A glass bottle. On the first try. Mhmm. 

The next day was, of course, my birthday! It all began with a wonderful breakfast with my big at Cafe Strudel. I got the same cinnamon pancakes as last time

Mmm hangover hash browns. That's their name.

So following breakfast I took some pictures of Kappa seniors on the horseshoe. 
Below: me (the only one not in black, they were uniform) and the seniors in Kappa Bible Study. I will miss them so much next year!!

We went to a lovely lunch after that at DiPratos. Then later that night Hanna told me we were going to do something for my birthday. But I had no idea... 
...that a highlighter surprise party was planned. I have such incredible friends. I will miss you all over summer, can't wait to go back!!

 (highlighter and water, what an awesome idea)

 apples to apples

So I returned home Tuesday. I am still in the process of unpacking and have lost a few things in the process including my glasses. These words are just a blur to me. I apologize for any typos. 
Mom took me through a neighborhood greatly affected by the tornados a few weeks ago. 

 I had no idea the damage was so bad, and we are still recovering. I am glad to be home and be able to experience some of the effects. 

I went to the mall with a high school friend today and finally got to take the Lita's out for a spin. 

Such beauties. 

I came back from school in need of some reorganization. I began with the closet. For those who know me well, you know my closet has never in its life been this neat. And I know some would consider this messy. You're welcome for the lack of "before" picture.

Now to deal with the wreck that is the rest of my room.

 I have redecorated the walls a bit...

And here are the main purchases from the mall today. Thank you, Urban Outfitters, for awesome clothes as well as vinyl records. 
Two of my favorite albums: Mumford & Sons-Sigh No More, Jeff Buckley-Grace. I can't wait to see Mumford & Sons in June!  

I have been on a major music kick lately. All I've been listening to are records since I've been home. Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and then I just bought a ton of Tom Petty and Allman Brothers Band on iTunes. I have a thirst for fantastic, heart stopping guitar licks. Needless to say, I seriously rocked out on the 3hour 45min drive from Columbia to Raleigh and have been jamming ever since. 
Any music recommendations? I am always happy to add more to my collection.

"He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together."
Colossians 1:17

I love you all. 


  1. Cool blog and that you are in Raleigh as well :) I just moved her Oct. 2009. I do Miss my hometown of Miami with it's beautiful beaches sometimes though.



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