Business Casual.

So as I begin the search for a big girl job, there are a few very important factors when considering where I may be spending the next few years of my life. I want to work in an exciting city, one which preferably has a strong public transportation system so I won't have to deal with driving and, most importantly, parking. I want to work with creative people who challenge me and point me in the right direction. I want to have a job that allows me to travel on a regular basis. And I want a job that doesn't require me to wear a pantsuit or skirt and blazer every single day. 

This is my version of business casual. I wore this to my internship the other day. Usually I wear something a little more on the casual side because I have to walk a lot and have classes before and afterwards. This outfit works for all of that and fits into the business realm, I believe. 

How do you feel about business casual? What are some of your favorite pieces to wear to work? 

skater skirt: Madewell (similar) | blouse: Creme Fraiche | necklace: H&M circa 2012 | oxfords: Sebago

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