The Chaperone.

When I first heard of this book and it's 1920s flapper-era setting I was instantly on board. Anything having to do with the Jazz Age is right up my alley. The beautiful cover of this novel only added to my extreme desire to read it.

This novel is about the silent movie star Louise Brooks before she became famous and the chaperone (*hint hint*) who was her guardian when she first went to New York City.

Cora, the chaperone, is a beautiful character and the story is much more about her than Louise, hence the title. But throughout the novel I wanted more about Louise. There were a few moments when the plot was focused on Louise, but they were quite brief. The mix of fact and fiction was confusing at times, as well. Overall, though, I was pleased with the story. I was hooked throughout and was always wanting to read on.

My main issue with the novel is the writing style. Sometimes I grew annoyed because I felt that Laura Moriarty was telling me so much and showing me so little. But that is a preference thing. I always want to feel the emotions and actions taking place. I don't want to be simply told what is going on. I like these interpretations to be left up to the reader. In other words, I felt like I didn't have enough room for imagination. As cheesy as that might sound.

It is truly a fascinating and intriguing book. I definitely learned a lot more about the era and Louise Brooks as a person. I highly recommend this book to those who love the 20s and historical fiction.

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