Happy Feet.

Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love.
    Ephesians 6:24
Grace has always been a difficult subject for me. I tend to have a legalistic personality and I want to have things perfect all of the time. If they're not perfect I cannot seem to forgive myself much less expect others to forgive me. I am still working on comprehending the Father's endless grace. He forgives no matter what. He gives us grace even though we deserve nothing less than death. Grace is a beautiful thing. 

Walking around campus has got me thinking about comfortable shoes. I would love to wear my adorable pumps and wedges around campus, but I do a lot of walking and much of the pathways are brick. Bricks+heels+hurrying to class=bad things. 
Here is a comfy shoes "wishlist" if you will. Though it's really just shoes I love and know would be great to wear around campus. 

Happy Feet

First of all: Chacos.
For the longest time I was against these shoes. I thought they were hideous and couldn't understand why people would wear them in places other than the middle of the wilderness. 
And then they began to grow on me. 
And then I saw this picture of Gisele in quirky sandals (Paris Vogue June/July 2012 issue) and I was suddenly convinced that there was a way to pull these off. I am determined to find it.

Second: Keds
I'm fairly sure I had a pair of these in pre-school and once I grew out of them I never wanted to see them again. I thought they were for ladies working in retirement homes. (No offense to anyone in that profession, I'm sure it's very rewarding.) And then Keds made a comeback and I fell back in love. They have so many fun colors and patterns and all at such reasonable prices. I know I would get so much wear out of these simple and adorable shoes. 

And lastly: Gap's new loafers. 
I've wanted a cute pair of loafers for so long now. But the only ones I really liked were hundreds of dollars. Thank you Gap, for making such adorable loafers in my price range. They are the perfect addition to any autumn ensemble. 

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