My Time In Firenze.

In my time here...
I went to fair Verona and met Juliet, 
saw the serene Lake Garda,
held up the leaning tower in Pisa
fed my sweet tooth at the Firenze chocolate festival
explored the beautiful Boboli Gardens (many times over), 
climbed to the top of Piazzale Michelangelo and first fell in love with this city, 
visited Bologna and ate tortellini, 
saw the sunset in Fiesole
watched the gondolas pass by in Venice
saw fantastic churches in Lucca
 went inside a marble quarry in Carrara
enjoyed the sights in Siena
saw breathtaking views in San Gimignano
climbed to the top of the Duomo and saw my city from a new perspective, 
spent spring break in Geneva and Nyon seeing some of the most incredible mountains, 
 as well as ski in wonderful Verbier
 I went to Visso and learned about Umbrian agriculture, 
 I went to Assisi and learned about St. Francis, 
 and ate chocolate in Perugia
 I saw the most spectacular sunset in Cortona
 I went wine tasting in Montefioralle in Chianti, 
 saw "mini-Venice" in Livorno
 sunbathed in Castiglioncello
 hiked in fantastic Cinque Terre, and visited so many other unique places.
To celebrate my second to last night here, I watched the sunset...
and then the sunrise. 
Firenze, you and I will only know how wonderful my time here truly was. There are not enough words to describe all my incredible experiences here. This has been so much more than life-changing, to sound overly cliche. I will miss you so much. No amount of time could ever be enough. 
I'll miss the people and the language. I'll miss the church bells ringing in each hour. I'll miss the accordion player in the distance and "our guys" playing guitars on the Ponte Vecchio. Of course I will miss the gelato, the pizza, and every other kind of food here. I will miss all of my beautiful roommates and the laughs we share daily. I'll miss the carriage horses, the history, the unique shops. I will certainly miss the architecture and the constant beauty surrounding me. I will miss the river and the bridges, the Duomo, and all other fantastic churches. I will miss Tuscany and its special character. I will miss it all. 
I will be back again some day. 
But until then, 
Carolina is calling me home. 
When I post next, I will be home, back in the USA, back in NC. How strange. 



  2. That was such a perfect post and a perfect review of our time here. I am on the verge of tears reading it (mostly from happily looking back on the memories, but also sad from knowing it is time to leave now). Thank you for this amazing post. I don't know if anyone not here will ever understand all of this, but this post is the greatest attempt I can imagine. So thank you. I will miss you so much. Ciao! Anna P.


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