Over My Head.

Let me introduce you to my mantra. It is my constant reminder that we are not called to be comfortable in this life. There is adventure out there, but most of the time finding it involves getting in over your head. I am in New York now, as you may have seen on my instagram (@makenagranger). I've been staying in the most adorable apartment, making some new friends, and chasing dreams. It's not all easy, though. I've been learning that growing up and entering the real world is really hard. I miss the comforts of home. I miss my lack of responsibilities. And I'll be honest with you, sometimes I'm pretty scared. But I know those comforts aren't meant to last forever. If I stay in a bubble, there is so much I will never learn about the world and life. I won't learn to appreciate the great things I have and chase after the great things I'm called to find. 

New York has been great. But more importantly, God has been great and will continue to be. He has provided not necessarily in the ways I would expect. He has been teaching me to rely on Him more than I ever have before. I am so helpless in this life and I'm grateful that He is in control and has provided me with an incredible support system. When I'm feeling lost, He is with me. When I'm confused or frustrated, He helps me. 

"The Lord is my helper; 
I will not be afraid.
What can man do to me?"
Hebrews 13:6

There is lots of exciting news to come, but I want to wait to share it with you. I will tell you that I have an internship at a wonderful PR agency. I begin work tomorrow! I have met some pretty amazing people and explored the city even more than the last time I was here. God is very very good and I can't wait to share with you what else He does while I'm here. 

Until next time…don't be afraid to get in over your head. You may just learn something new about yourself and have a grand adventure in the process. 

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