Daddy put the turntable in my room, finally. And yesterday he added a whole new sound system. It's fantastic. I can play both vinyl albums and music from an iPod or laptop. "A Day In The Life" has never sounded better. 

Please notice tumblr on my computer in the last picture. 
I finished The Picture of Dorian Gray on Wednesday. It may just be my new favorite novel. I have fallen in love with Oscar Wilde. 

The other day I read both Isaiah 8 and Psalm 33. I discovered HUGE parallels. Fascinating. Please read them both, I can't post specific verses without eliminating the effect. Though, some common themes were:
Wait on the Lord. He will always come through. 
Fear the Lord and nothing else. All other fears are a waste of energy. 
The plans of the Lord are the only ones that last. 

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