"Where I lived and what I lived for."

So I failed to fulfill my promise of posting pictures while in Blowing Rock. But, on the last day, I took a complete photo shoot of the house, inside and out. I also have some pictures from the gala, but they were taken by the photographer so I must wait upon their arrival.
I got some really cute clothes while in the lovely town. And some Sam Edelman harness boots. I can't wait to post them! 
Below are pictures of the house.
Olivia's Room
Master Bedroom. I love that mirror, below. 
Above, dining area; below, den.
Below is the front lawn. 

All our ribbons at the show!

These two weeks flew by so quickly I feel as if it was all a dream. Each day I walked on the stepping stones leading to my car, and made my way to the show grounds. The weather was incredible, other than a few summer storms. My horse was a superstar. Every day he proved to me the heart on his forehead isn't just for show. He has such an incredible capacity for love. A horse, who knew? Though our ribbons do not necessarily back me up, I believe this was certainly one of our better shows. Hardy and I seemed to work together almost flawlessly. I do have a picture of us, as well, but I have to wait for that to arrive in the mail along with some others.

Before I knew it, this show was over. A part of me will always remain in this celestial place, it seems I leave more every year, making each reuniting even more joyous. Maybe that's what's so great about this place. There is so much of me here, so much of my childhood and adolescence. I reminisce all year about my experiences there so when I finally return it's as if I never left. But then I depart and the memories take over. In comparison, the rest of the year seems drab and bland, but it sure does make me appreciate my yearly visit to this place. And I just have to search for the goodness of God in other places for the remaining months. I almost always find it. Sometimes more easily than others.
Here are the pictures of the heavenly back yard. 
On my drive home yesterday I caught myself in some deep thought. A common occurrence during long drives by myself. I noticed while following the Blue Ridge Parkway that I couldn't enjoy the beautiful views moving past me. This situation could also be an analogy for one not truly enjoying life for all it can be. So many "drive" through life, they keep their eyes on the future and fail to see the beauty they could experience upon every single step. I know, if I did this while I was driving I would most likely end  up in a wreck, or lose my license. But maybe we can take some time to enjoy the scenery God places in the present. The future will arrive without fail, so why push it? Why is it so hard to soak in the present? I was cloud watching on my last day in Blowing Rock, loving the deep blue sky, when I realized it was easier to look at the clouds when there was a telephone pole in my peripheral vision. For some reason, the clouds and the blue were too much for me all alone. I needed something to keep me grounded, to remind me that I was on this earth. I still don't understand why, but it's an interesting concept.

While I was gone I finished Into The Wild by John Krakauer. It was so intriguing, and I actually agreed with many of Chris McCandless' life philosophies. He loved Thoreau just like me. When I finished, I was inspired to begin reading Walden again. And one of the most famous chapters from that book inspired the title for this post.

I was reading Jeremiah while in Blowing Rock, but it was just too difficult for me. So I began reading Romans. I love the book, but I don't believe I have ever read it from beginning to end. One of my most favorite verses comes from Romans.

"For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities--His eternal power and divine nature--have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse." Romans 1:20

I think I have featured this verse before, but here it is again. Enjoy.
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