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Ok, so my life is slightly less hectic, but hopefully the end of the tunnel, where relaxation awaits, is in sight. By the way, this is my first post on my new laptop! (MacBook Pro) I am in love. The keyboard is fantastic, it makes me want to type forever. I probably sound like a loser, but it is the truth. Hopefully great works will be composed with this computer.

I have posted my adventures in Greece, but so much more has taken place since my arrival. I attended my final honors day. For those who do not know, honors day, exclusive to the students of St. David's School, is the final day of the school year at which teachers award the most outstanding students and each grade literally moves up to the next section of pews. One would assume that the last of so many of these events would be one of sadness or nostalgia, but as I was walking to the section designated for alumni, no tears came to my eyes. All I felt was joy and the excitement of the moment. Perhaps all my tears had been cried in Greece. I had all that time to accept the fact, and all I had left to do was move on.

Below are some pictures taken following the honors day ceremony. The first is a picture of my mother and me. The second is my grandmother (GaGa) and me. I just love how she is always so stylish, I like to think thats where I get my fashion sense. I am wearing a romper, I was the only one not wearing a dress. But it was the least casual of the events and I couldn't resist the cuteness. It fit me flawlessly. I recommend rompers like this for fellow petite girls. I felt as if I had grown a few inches with the high wasted shorts and I gained some curves with the ruffles and the bow in the back. I couldn't have wished for a more perfect final honors day outfit.

Then there was Baccalaureate that night. It was a great service, but the whole time I was fanning myself to keep consciousness. I have never been so hot in my life. Those robes do not breathe. Below is a picture of us following the event. I survived, I couldn't believe it. From left to right: Rachel, Marianne, Taylor and Myself. The outfit is a bit similar to what I wore earlier, just for night time. Ruffled top, and a belt. I love that dress though, I bought it the same day I bought my prom dress. Its Max&Mara (a brand by BCBG) and the shoes are Donald J. Pliner.
Heres me walking into the Graduation ceremony. I couldn't help but smile, my whole family was taking pictures.
My cousin, Nielsen, and I right after graduation. I just love this picture. That is legitimate happiness, no false photo smiles there.
Class of 2010 all wearing their college hats! I love you all!
Ahh sweet relief. A few fist pumps of exuberance and then it was time to party! There's me in my USC hat and Molly to my right. She will be attending Western Carolina in the fall.
I threw a little graduation shindig at my house which was a blast. It was a great way to kick off the summer. The party was a bit sad, though, because it might have been the last one with most of the senior class.

So the next week (last week) was still a bit frenzied. I wrote what felt like thousands of thank you notes and attended orientation last Friday (the fourth) at South Carolina. I got all my classes figured out and learned my housing assignment. I can't wait for college! But I am definitely enjoying this summertime. On days that haven't been crazy I have sat by my pool and read a book. Right now I am reading Souvenir by Therese Fowler and I highly recommend it.

During a quiet time the other night I came across a verse that stood out to me like no other. But first I must give the reason as to why I was reading the book of Jeremiah in the first place. I received a congratulations card in the mail from my cousin's godmother (That cousin is Nielsen pictured earlier). Random relationship I know, but she has been a huge part of my life. Growing up I was always with my cousin, so when my cousin was with her, as was I. Included in the card was a verse, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11. What a perfect verse for my current situation. I had just arrived home from orientation, I had just selected my classes for the fall and consulted many advisors about my future.

That night I decided to read the first chapter of Jeremiah. I have never read it before, but because of that verse it seemed like an applicable read. I had been struggling with some thoughts that shouldn't have been in my mind. Some people popping up that I had been trying to keep away. I felt flustered and uneasy until I read this,

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart." (1:5)

Now I know this was said to Jeremiah, but I feel it also applies to all of us. It reassured me that there is a reason for my struggles. "God has a plan." I say that to myself quite often. Knowing that fact has kept me afloat in the sea of my pains and strife. I was instantly comforted after reading this verse and reminded of God's plan. It established the connection with God that I was overlooking at that moment, and once I was reunited I could sleep easily and wake up the next day to face the trials awaiting me.

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