The End of a Chapter

So this has been an incredibly stressful week, jam-packed full of AP exams, parties, papers, and anything else you can think of. Yesterday (Friday) was my last day of classes. It's crazy how time manages to slip through our fingers. I did manage to fit a few photo shoots into the chaos, however.

The pictures below were taken at school, during one of my last free periods of high school (*tear*). The pictures of Taylor and me were taken by my good friend Melanie. Taylor took the pictures of me, while I took the pictures of her. The pictures of Melanie were taken by either Taylor or myself.
My shirt is Ella Moss, shoes are from Urban Outfitters, sweater is Velvet, belt is from Francescas, leggings are Three Dot. Vintage jewelry.

There are many more pictures from the photo shoots on my Facebook. Makena Cummings.

Pictures taken in front of the gallery where my AP Art class' art work was shown. Downtown Raleigh, beautiful.

Shirt-Ella Moss. Vest-Target. Vintage Jewelry. Skirt-Hard Tail. Belt-Francescas (I wore that belt quite often this week). Shoes-Sam Edelman.

How can you not love God at the sight of such effortless beauty?
Ok, so it's the night of our gallery showing. We all made our best attempts to dress "artsy," and, I must say, I believe we succeeded. Carolyn, Me, Blake, Zach, Swetha.

Love this shot. We look like some hip girl band.
Me, Swetha, Blake, Sarah Grace, and a sliver of Zach's shirt.
I love my amazing friends! I cannot believe we will all be separated next year. This has truly been a blessing, meeting and spending time with you all.
Sarah Grace, Carolyn, Taylor, Me, Swetha, Zach, Blake.
I love this pic, I think the car gives it a certain edge. Maybe it makes it a little more realistic, like we were just standing like this on the side of the road for no apparent reason.
Taylor, Me, Carolyn, Swetha.
Vest-Velvet, Shoes-Rosegold, Dress-Karlie. I love those shoes so much!
So below are a few pictures of some of the artwork featured at the gallery. I did not have time to photograph everyone's, however, (too busy socializing). Please view the incredible talent displayed below.
Sarah Grace.
Look at all the people who came! What a success.
I feel I must give some credit, actually all the credit, to Mr. Shingler, who guided and stuck with us throughout all our struggles this year. And for getting our art in this awesome gallery!

So with the craziness of this week, I did not read my Bible as much as I would have liked. But on Tuesday, after telling my Bible study leader about my observations last weekend, she showed me the most fascinating verse.

"For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse." Romans 1:20.

Isn't it amazing how God can instill such thoughts in our minds that have direct references in the Bible? I cannot count how many times this idea has crossed my mind, and I had never before read this verse. God never ceases to amaze me.
Oh, and one other thing. Lately, when I feel like I am judging or angry at someone I just think that God loves him/her just as much as He loves me. No less and no more. Just keep that in mind, I feel it has helped me in numerous situations.

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