The Bronx Photoblog.

I went exploring in The Bronx last weekend. It was so nice to just go on an adventure with myself. I had been meaning to check out Edgar Allan Poe's house and finally had the opportunity. Unfortunately, the house is closed until the spring, but I at least had the chance to see it from the outside. I loved seeing this humble home of one of America's greatest and most tormented writers. He lived here only a brief time, at the end of his life from 1846 to 1849. It was also during his time in this cottage that his wife Virginia died. I can only imagine what his time here was like. The cottage used to have a scenic overlook of Long Island, but was moved to what would be designated as Poe Park in 1913. Read more about it here

I love New York because I can make little day trips like this. 

I also made a trip to Little Italy, The Bronx. Apparently, it is the real Little Italy. I saw markets, breathed in the air of pastries and cigars, and had a wonderful time. See the photos below. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Eve! 

All my love, 

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