Growing up.

Hi everyone. 

Sorry for not updating more often. All this time I wanted my next post to be of photos of my room, but either the light wasn't right or my room was too messy to be photographed. I finally got around to taking some photos yesterday. They're by no means the best, but just to give you a little visual. I am so happy in my new space. It is truly comfortable. A sanctuary. And only after two weeks. I feel safe here and oh so happy!

I almost have all the pieces to the puzzle. New friends, a place to live in the city I've always dreamed of, constant and overflowing inspiration. I just need a real job. It's much more difficult than I expected. Even more so because I love so many things and trying to figure out which one of those things would make a career for me is next to impossible. 

I'm learning every day how blessed I am to have a strong support system. I'm learning that perseverance is easier said than done. Looking for jobs is a workout and I'm pretty sore. But I will not give up. I know the Lord is on my side and He has a reason for every situation and every trial. Please pray I can find the last piece to the puzzle. So I can know I am here to stay for years to come. 

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