Those who are dominated by the sinful nature think about sinful things, but those who are controlled by the Holy Spirit think about things that please the Spirit. 
Romans 8:5
 Jesus, today I am thankful for your perfection. You never change. You never fall asleep. You never fail. You are always looking out for me, protecting me, loving me. I am thankful that my emotions do not determine your feelings for me. You are constant when I am anything but. You are so good and I can't even begin to grasp it. I am a complete wreck. I fail you on a regular basis. Thank you for loving me anyways.

It's scarf weather! Finally. Fall seems to take forever in Columbia. Yesterday, however, I found the most perfect tree. Orange leaves and everything. It's an anomaly here. I try to step on as many crunchy leaves as I can before they disappear. And they turn out beautifully in a photograph. 

I also found the perfect scarf. Hand-made by a beautiful friend of mine. Janie of GardnerAndMe is incredibly talented. She makes thick, cozy scarves that will keep your neck warm until the end of time. And the best part? These scarves are for sale! Check out her Etsy shop and order one! They are made with love and prayer and you can certainly feel the difference. 

scarf: GardnerAndMe
jacket: Barbour
shirt: Mom's 
jeans: Marc by Marc Jacobs
boots: Steve Madden 

Have a great day!


  1. you'e been nominated for the Leibster Blog Award! Follow me here to see the rules: http://www.simplyclassicprep.com/2013/11/liebster-blog-award-2013.html

  2. Jealous of the seasons you must get in SC. I also studied English in college (UF), do you know what you plan to do after you graduate?


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