Music Monday: Tame Impala

Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.
James 5:16
I've never been much of a prayer person. I do not like sitting still, alone and talking to God. I have trouble focusing. I like being busy, occupied, and prayer has never been something I felt I needed to do. I began writing my prayers a few years ago, and I found it really works for me. Writing makes me feel like I'm doing something a little more tangible, and it's much easier to organize my thoughts when I can see them right in front of me. But in the last year or so, the Lord has been showing me the importance of quiet time spent before Him. Not writing, not even talking, but listening. He knows I have some serious trouble with this. Sometimes I feel so distracted. But other times it's incredibly relaxing and peaceful. 
I am so thankful #SheReadsTruth is focusing on prayer for their current reading plan. And I loved the verse this morning. Prayer is so powerful. The Lord WANTS to bless us in so many ways, and oftentimes, all we need to do is ask. 

In other news, it's time for another Music Monday. You may have heard of this band. I am ever so grateful for my sister for introducing me to Tame Impala. I am an avid Beatle lover, if you didn't know...and Tame Impala has a very Beatle-inspired sound. A little more electronic, a little more trippy, but beautiful all the same. Great music to jam out to in the car. An ideal quality for me in a band. Anyways, enjoy. 

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